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About Disabled Access Guide

Welcome to disabledaccessguide.net. This site aims to provide individuals who are less abled/wheelchair users and their enablers with information about access to public places across the UK. Many of us in wheelchairs will have experienced frustration or intrepidation when going out shopping, to sporting or music venues, or to pubs/bars or restaurants/cafes wondering whether the access and facilities are adequate for our specific needs.

This site is a work in progress but our ultimate aim is to give you the information you need to be confident and reassured that you can go out and not worry about anything apart from having a good time.

Just select your city and type of venue which you want information about from the menu on the left or search in the top right corner for the name of the venue. Alternatively, click on the map of the city and browse venues which have been reviewed.

Thank you for your patience and please don’t hesitate to get involved! Either fill in your own review via the page on the website or email [Email Not Yet In Use]nick@disabledaccessguide.net[/Email Not Yet In Use]

Nicholas Almond (Founder)